Pivot to On-Demand CE Courses

Pivot to On-Demand CE Courses

Olivia runs Marketing for a Third Party Administrator or TPA. Her team nurtures relationships with insurance brokers in all 50 states. Olivia launched a live Webinar program to educate brokers on compliance needs for various health plans. In return, the brokers earned CE credits towards license renewals.

What seemed like a win-win at first turned into a challenge. Olivia’s subject-matter experts were hard pressed for the time to present the same content repeatedly to brokers who missed the live events. They also had little bandwidth to manage state-mandated CE course accreditation and reporting. There was no significant change in broker engagement.

So, Olivia decided to pivot to On-Demand insurance CE courses. She converted popular Webinars to short, recorded lessons. Using an online CE platform, she published the video lessons online with interactive quizzes so that the brokers could consume them in a self-paced format. Outsourcing accreditation steps helped ensure that courses complied with state requirements.

After the on-demand insurance course was live, over half of the brokers launched the course right away. By the end of the 1st quarter, well over a third had completed the course, passed the final exam, and obtained state-approved CE credit. The brokers accessed content on a schedule of their choosing. They were able to apply what they learned in the course. The TPA, in turn, was able to disseminate timely information regarding plan compliance to a large group of brokers without placing a burden on their subject matter experts.

If you want to engage brokers through continuing education, don’t exhaust yourself trying to figure out how to best reach them individually. Instead, deliver on-demand CE courses on an online platform. Enable your brokers to access valuable content anytime, anywhere. On-demand CE courses truly transform your engagement strategy.

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