Earn CEs at Your Own Pace

Is Renewing Your Insurance License Tedious?

When it’s time to renew your insurance license, are you scrambling to get CE requirements completed before the deadline? Are you chewing one stale PDF after another? Are the end-of-course exams frustrating? Questions don’t align with what’s covered in the course. They are designed to recall, but not retain. Continuing education is supposed to impart new knowledge and skills. Then, why is it so tedious?

TPAs engage legal or benefits experts to do live CEs. Local chapters of various agent associations put up “Learning Days”. Carriers sponsor large conferences addressing risk management, claims, underwriting and so on. Product vendors host knowledge-sharing Webinars around specific regulatory changes and compliance best practices. There are many live options for agents seeking insurance training. Unfortunately, busy agents and brokers often miss out on these. There are far fewer learn-at-your-own-pace CE options to stay current.

In some cases, the CE content itself is not timely. For example, an employer contacts an insurance agent about the 2021 ACA changes. Then, the agent spends hours talking to experts to understand the impact of those changes to the employer- time that could have been saved with a simple CE published by the experts. And, had the CE been delivered online self-paced, he would have been able to learn on-demand in between client commitments. An end-of-course assessment to reinforce the key takeaways would have helped him prepare a targeted response for the employer.

Ultimately, having a catalog compiled by experts and indexed by current topics gives agents to the option to choose the CEs applicable to their day-to-day client service needs. Being able to customize their learning path with relevant content allows the agent to derive greater value from their continuing education experience.

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