Get to Know Your CE Audience

Get to Know Your CE Audience

Understanding the agents, brokers, or benefits professionals you want to reach is essential to delivering CE content that they value.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your CE audience –

Who is your CE audience?

Are they new or experienced agents? What is their baseline knowledge about the topic? For example, are they familiar with the terms or legal code sections you plan to cover?

Provide resources to brush up on pre-requisites. Or, start by introducing key concepts first before diving into the core content.

Is the topic relevant to insurance agents?

As a legal or compliance expert, for example, you spend hours preparing talking points for your CEs. Despite your best efforts to present a well-researched topic, agents don’t complete the course. Did the CE content perhaps miss the mark?

Narrowing on learning objectives can sometimes be a challenge for experts. Ask yourself why agents should be interested in learning about the topic. Draw ideas from the agent’s job practice. Uncover any knowledge gaps such as those arising from ongoing client service issues, regulatory changes, new process steps or compliance FAQs.

What do you want your CE audience to know or do?

After completing the course, will the agent be prepared to handle compliance issues, perform eligibility calculations, or respond to employers’ questions?

Consider giving agents the tools to make decisions by presenting real-life examples, contrasting viewpoints or problem-solving approaches. Rather than simply recall facts or figures, share stories from your personal experience. Offer a unique perspective they won’t hear anywhere else.

Don’t leave the success of your insurance CE to chance. By planning your insurance training course with the agent or broker in mind, you’re certain to keep them coming back for more.

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